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Teresa Ransley nee Kelly

12 September 1964 - 10 April 2006

We sadly announce that Beavers Project Administrator, Teresa, died at 20:45 on Monday 10th April 2006 after a last 15 month battle with breast cancer. She passed away peacefully, and up until the last 8 weeks or so things looked as if they were going well, enough to think ahead in years. She was a real fighter, never complaining about what had happened to her choosing instead to just get on with things - work and a social life. At the end of last summer the initial treatment had "totally" eliminated the tumour and the plan was to move toward 5 years starting with 6 monthly checkups after surgery and radio which were completed in December. Unfortunately between checkups it returned and it is now clear during this time had spread rapidly but undetected, though up until Sunday 9th April she was managing reasonably well when she then had a stroke with other complications but thankfully things were not prolonged. T was my best friend and lover. She has changed me, so whatever I do now part of her will always be with me and I will continue to remember her for the rest of my life. The following are mostly pictures from a number of years ago for old friends - more recent pics will be posted soon, including more from our wedding at London Zoo in 1998 and various gigs and parties. While it is a time of sadness for us left behind we want to remember the good times we had with her and how she enriched our lives. Teresa loved cats, dogs, pigs. frogs, worms, well all animals and most people though always willing to help others, good food and company, an alternative life-style and listening & watching great music - keep it live!! Thats how we remember her.

The girl from the Cally 1964The girl from the Cally 1964

Teresa 90's - still the biker girl90's - still the biker girl

Teresa 90's90's

Teresa 90's90's - softening? More like a diversionary tactic!

Teresa 90's90's

Aftermath of a heavy party mid 90'sAftermath of a heavy party mid 90's

2002 - dont take my picture its too early!2002 - Grrr - dont take my picture - its too early!

Crazzy Golf Birthday Southend 2004Crazzy Golf Birthday Southend 2004

2005 coming back from treatment at Southend wearing Roland her trusty wig2005 coming back from treatment at Southend wearing Roland her trusty wig

Goth'd up Oct 2005 for giggingGoth'd up for gigging Oct 2005

Teresa 20062006

A celebration of her life, conducted by an officiant from the BMA, was held on 12:30 25th April 2006 at

Herongate Wood
Billericay Road
CM13 3PS

The celebration was warm and truely reflected Teresa, we'll post a record here later.

Afterwards we shared memories, err ... a few drinks and watched the ducks on the pond at;

The Boars Head
Billericay Rd
CM13 3PS

In keeping with Teresa’s wishes we want to minimise the number of flowers. Please feel free to lay a couple of daffodils, garden or even wild flowers (be sensible - not protected!) on her casket or make a donation to a charity of your choice in keeping with things that Teresa supported such as;

  • Wild life projects

  • Animal rescue projects

  • RNLI

  • Cancer Research

  • Buried at Herongate Wood , where she'll lay among the flowers, with rabbits running by and owls hooting in the woods. Herongate welcomes considerate visitors and when the main gate is closed a side gate provides foot access. Visit and enjoy the views from this beautiful site as Teresa would have. We'll post the location of the plot after her ashes have been interned.