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News Update! Again in 2003 Standish's latest CHAOS report , the recent POST's Government IT Failures Report , and others conclude that problems with requirements managements are still a key contributor to project failure.

A solution?

Read this page to learn about our ready made requirements management process models, DOORS information models, and DXL addin tools. Click here to learn about the requirements management process, get a free requirements engineering primer download, and our on and off site requirements services.

As an alternative to Beaver under taking your projects requirements management work as presented here we can provide you with a number of products to assist you in developing an in-house capability and provide support for skills and knowledge.  These products are currently focused towards the systems engineering environment based on MIL STD 498 and MIL STD 2167a specification suites with adaptations for use case and OO methods.  Additional versions with alternative specification and report formats more suitable for business software and systems, engineering systems, RUP and MSF are being produced. To complete the package we are also able to supply training materials including user guides and CBT's to step you through the process and using DOORS.

Consider the cost-benefit. How long would it take to develop your own process model and configure an information model, going through the tool learning curve, as well as finding and reviewing best practice papers. Adding up the authors, administrators, and reviewers time, and allowing for various review meetings, 40 days effort is not unreasonable. We often find organisations spend much more than this. For less than the cost of half of that effort give yourself a kick start by using your productised solutions based on our consulting and service experience.

Our products include;

Both model packages come with 1 years support including 48 queries by email or phone call to help you clarify issues or answer tool questions when applying the process, regular updates to the subscribed models, and email newsletter on the lastest developments and best practices.  You can feed us back observations for consideration in our upgrade process -  we assemble all requests and add our own based on our  own research and then seek the users views and pick those items for incorporation in the next release.  Licensing is simple.  You are not tied to a user or machine or an organisation size for pricing.  After the first year you can continue to receive these services via our product maintenance subscription.

Purchase an information model and process model together and get a FREE customisation to include your organisation names and 3 days offsite consultancy to customise the models further following discussions with yourselves.

We also provide requirements tools training and mentoring packs for Requisite Pro and DOORS.  These training is  task assignments and is not just an animation of the manuals explaining each function.  Being task based they link in well to our own process and information models.  Using animations of the applications and supporting slides and reading material they show users of various levels how to use the tool of their choice to undertake typical activities.  We also include a number of demonstrator projects so users can gain experience of under taking a range of tasks and reusing requirements products between projects.  The animations are small Java applets which run in a Java enabled browser, either locally or over a network, and slides are HTML with links to the animations as appropriate.  Together they provide excellent alternatives to mass class training.  They are always available online for reference and link strong to the process model products.

Are the above worth it?  Consider the cost of undertaking the above your self.  A new user to a tool, undertaking background research on best practices, user groups to discuss the findings at a time when to many this is all a new subject.  Additional time is needed to pilot the processes and tool configurations and through trial and error discover typical problems particularly in setting the information model, attributes, and report and filter routines. Realistically its a full time role for 13-26 weeks.  Then keeping abreast of current developments in reading new releases, attending conferences and product announcements, and networking.  Though this is useful experience to go gain  when developing a in-house capability however its much easier to use our services to kick start the process and gain years worth of experience.  Think of us as a mentoring service, online all year.

While the above are standard products we can provide you with a tailored solution to fit your needs, even a complete package using the process and  information models together with on-line training support.

If you are interested please register your interest here and we'll get back to you with further details.  We are also considering adding modules and work streams for system safety, RAM, and ILS and would be interested in comments from prospective users. Our initial approach for handling hazard logs and providing safety case support is described in our Safety and Reliability services section.

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