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There are times when many companies will need to utilise additional outside resources. Perhaps its because you're own are fully utilised, you need a "red team" review, or that you simply do not have a particular specialist resource in house. Ever changing technology and methods or the need to break into new markets means a fast method is needed to get up to speed. Beaver Computer Consultants can assist you when these occasions arise with a range of services including;
One of our strengths is the all round experience, allowing us to draw together various work streams and methods, into a uniform, consistent and complementary framework tailored to your individual needs. As systems engineers our focus is the whole picture : the business environment, the people, the processes, the technology, the organisation and business the rules. They all interrelated and understanding how, both currently and for future visions is critical. It is here strategies are won and lost.

You'll find specific information on the linked pages, or see our services summary page at any time using the navigation bar on the top of each page. We'll work with you the client, business, operational and maintenance end users, and suppliers and developers and answer the following typical questions.

  • I need to prepare a business case, develop an ITT, and assess the responses, or write a requirements document or specification, or an acceptance plan
  • I need support to bid for a contract, advice on the methods called for in the ITT, and that the bid meets the ITT or support during the negotiation phase

See our general requirements information, or see our our requirements process and DOORS information and here for a general overview of our services

  • How do I know if a system being offered will meet my needs?
  • How can I independently manage the development and implementation of the new system and prepare us for its introduction?
  • How do I know the new system is delivering what I need?

See here for information and Beavers services

  • How can computer and communication systems help our business? How do we develop an e-business strategy?
  • How do we get a new web site or update our existing site?
  • I've heard of problems like e-project failures, security breaches, system losses - can you help?

See here for information new web sites and applications, business improvement, and business continuity and Beavers services.

  • I need a safety case for my new system, what is it and how do I develop one?
  • I need to establish targets for safety, reliability, and maintainability of our new system and under take an analysis that the design meets them. Can you help?
  • Can you help to determine our new systems timing, loading, and capacity requirements?
  • I need to develop a Product Support Plan and address whole life issues under ILS - how?

Beaver have particular experience in each of these areas, see here for details of our services and to learn more

  • I need support on a rail project to develop a specification of track layouts, signalling, computer and communication systems - can you help? What about train specifications?
  • Can you help us to develop specifications for a control room system or a rail Management Information System covering time tabling, performance monitoring, asset and personnel management, decision support, human resources management, track access contracts and billing?
  • Can you assist us in analysing an ITT and developing a requirements driven technical and commercial proposal, and support the acceptance process with the Client and Regulatory authorities?

Beaver have particular experience in the rail and transport sectors from business and systems analysis, requirements management, and RAMS and performance analysis, see here for further details

  • How do I improve my organisations performance?
  • Can you help us to develop a market driven future VISION and blue print how we can meet these future business requirements?
  • What do I need to specify for a new system to give competitive advantage?
  • How do I set future service levels to meet demands?

See here for information and Beavers solution services

  • I've got a web site but is it making any difference to our business?
  • We need to attract more visitors to our site and build up a relationship with them - but how?
  • How can we link our website to our computer and communication systems?

See here for existing web site promotion and monitoring information and Beavers services.


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