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April 2006 With great sadness we report that Teresa, a key member of our staff, died on April 10 2006.


January 2005 Over the past 5 years Beaver has been applying its expertise to the definition and improvement of systems engineering processes, and tool customisation and administration to support these processes, with a focus on the use of iteration, concurrent engineering, and metrics management with a variety of transport, defence, medical, and telecommunications clients. We are pleased to see the development of the tools and process market reflecting these beliefs and to support the communities tool customisation is releasing DXL scripts from its own code base to encourage community dicussion and collaboration and will continue this initiative through 2005.


code base
August 2001 Beaver are advising this world leader in the creation of a new development environment for its 3G roll out over a number of countries and needs processes, with suitable tool support, to provide solutions and updates, quickly and with low defect rates. We are providing traceability strategies, process definitions, and tool customisations.

The objective of the project is to provide an environment for the client which provides the basis for CMMI Level 3 capability.  Our strategy is to advise on broader issues including roles and professional development.  The approach is used open methods and standards where practical such as ITIL and ISM.


Read about our work here
December 2000 Raytheon, a major contractor in ATC/ATM and the defence industries, is being support by Beaver Consulting.  We are working on systems engineering process definitions with a focus on requirements and V&V, and implementing parts of this process using the DOORS requirements tool. 

To help consolidate the uptake of the process and concepts in the generic information model that is to be developed we'll be supporting a number of the project teams with requirements and V&V management activities.


Raytheon Systems Limited site or read about our work with RSL here
November 2000 Beaver joins CASEwise associate program.


September 2000 At the European DOORS users conference, Brian Halliday, Systems Engineering Manager at Railtrack won the best paper as voted by the audience. 

The paper, Systems Engineering on the West Coast Route Modernisation programme, in parts describes the processes used and how DOORS was configured and set up to implement the process, as well as the development of the performance requirements. 

Beaver congratulate Brian and was particularly pleased at how well the paper was received as Beaver provided significant input to the both requirements and V&V process, configuring DOORS, and developing and delivering initial user training.  Our assignment also included undertaking a number of the system performance studies leading to a refinement of the business and system specifications.


Visit the Telelogic site for a copy of Brian's paper - you will need to register, its free, and you find plenty of quality papers and resources.  See the case study for the work we undertook on this project.  The Railtrack WCRM site can be found here.
July 2000 Beaver is providing systems engineering and assurance support to the London Underground Limited TIMIS project. The scope of work includes ;
  • A specification review focused on the derivation of non-functional requirements.
  • Supporting the tender assessment of PFI bidders by under taking an initial V&V review for the clients. 
  • Defining a requirements acceptance process and a DOORS requirements information model will be developed.

TIMIS is a radio tag based tracking system, with crew and asset management facilities, to support the real time management of train services by control room staff.  TIMIS includes a large number of distributed workstations, central data servers, WAN's, trackside beacons and train fitted tags and drivers information console.


Oct 1999 Beaver is supporting work to ensure small consultancies remain a cost efficient resource for clients.


June 1999 Beaver consultant Paul Ransley presents a paper at the InDOORS European conference.  Follow the link to visit the QSS DOORS site, and download a copy of Paul's slides.