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All the methods listed on our services page of this site have been used by us on a live assignment. Below we present a selection of our main assignments outlining the scope of work performed and the methods used. It is not exhaustive but does indicate our capability. This is the work we have lead on behalf of our partners.


Client Sub Contract Partner Project Type of Work Link
TRANSIG - a consortium comprised of Westinghouse, Adtranz, and Kvanerner. Resource Solutions Railtracks National Developments Group, Transmission Based Train Control Development.

Beaver Computer Consultants under took a number of assignments including;

  • Development of the safety and performance models for target apportionment and evaluation of candidate products and architectures to meet those requirements. Models included existing and proposed, use cases, object models, state models, and links to requirements specifications.
  • Bid support, developing elements of the Systems Engineering Management Plan, Integrated Programme, and Proposal. Presentations to Board Level tender assessment panel. Dealing with tender assessment queries.
  • Develop Safety, RAM, and Human Factors Programme Plans
  • Prepare initial safety case and make presentations to Railtracks Safety Authority.
(No Link Available)
Westinghouse Signals Limited Resource Solutions; Dartford Area Resignalling Project
  • Contract review, prepare integrated programme plan covering performance, safety, human factors. Establish project office.
  • Development function, performance, and safety models of the existing and proposed systems. The models include use cases and object models. Use cases were used for GUI / Control desk trials.
  • Baseline existing performance and support requirements, develop future mission requirements
  • Prepare function requirements statement and safety requirements specifications and provide a requirements management and acceptance tracking framework using the DOORS requirements tool.
  • Overseeing control room trials and support definition of testing strategy against acceptance criteria. Include load and stress test requirements
  • Develop and deliver internal training courses in systems engineering which covered requirements, business and systems analysis, ILS, and approaches to user centred, prototype based iterative and risk based development methods.
  • Mentoring of placement students covering methods, tool support, and life cycle
  • Support AMEY VENTURES work on a European PFI. Work included conducting a fast ITT review to establish the systems engineering requirements including performance, safety, cost, and operational readiness. Outline a process definition and prepare outline System Engineering Programme Plan.
Railtrack AMEY VECTRA  
  • Develop Railtracks WCRM Systems Effectiveness Modelling capability, establishing a programme plan, and project office.
  • Baseline existing performance, reliability, and support characteristics. Collect data on existing processes, architectures, and products. Develop future vision mission requirements and apportion for modelling.
  • Oversee development of performance models
  • Map functionality, product architectures to models and establish required performance, reliability, and timing characteristics.
VECTRA and Railtrack
Smith Group  
  • Advise on modelling methods for functionality, including role of Use Cases and Object Models to map onto an existing structured model. Develop draft procedure.
  • Define high level system engineering process with an emphasis on requirements and V&V processes. This model was based on a work flow concept.
  • Implemented the requirements and V&V work flow process to allow requirements to be tracked from stakeholder needs, through specification, to realisation. It included change control support, programme management and risk interfaces and integrated management progress reports.  This was implemented using a custom configuration of the DOORS requirements tool.
The Smith Group
Sub Surface Limited TIMIS

As part of pre-contract award and de-risking Beaver Computer Consultants under took a work package whose scope was;

  • Review of the ITT and supporting documents to determine completeness and correctness of the functionality, and its specified performance and reliability.
  • Review of the tenderers proposals in the area of performance and reliability.
  • Review of the existing DOORS information model used in the project.
  • Development of SSL's requirements and V&V process and configuration of the DOORS tool to support that process.  This included preparing an information model framework and loading in contract and other documents, and preparing modules for holding future V&V information and production of results.


Raytheon Systems Limited Corporate process definition and project team support

Raytheon's worldwide process model, IPDS, needed to be tailored to RSL in the UK and localised for the markets they serve.  Beaver are providing services to;

  • Examine the existing processes, identify areas for improvement in reducing errors, resource requirements, and turn round time, and integrate these improvements into the process model.
  • Tailoring IPDS to take account of RSL's local needs, and satisify the objective of reaching Level 3 CMMI in relevant key processes.
  • Developing a DOORS information model to implement parts of the process model, provide process progress and quality statistics, and integrate the tools with DocExpress and other applications.
  • Develop a migration strategy to move from DOORS version 4.1.4 to Version 5 and enhance the architecture to support the future systems engineering process vision.
  • Develop a strategy for baselining and version control of the requirements database and the output specifications and integrate into the Corporate configuration management procedure.
  • Writing and delivering training courses for a variety of DOORS user groups, and delivery of initial courses.  The courses are focused on the process and how to use DOORS to implement the process.


Raytheon Systems Limited site

About IPDS at the US site

Raytheons worldwide corporate site


Confidential 3G Telecom Development for Products and Internal Systems including ERP, CRM, Billing, Finance, Accounts. Beaver are advising this world leader in the creation of a new development environment for a component based EIA framework down to application application or COTS customisation. The client is total redefining all its systems for its 3G roll out over a number of countries and needs processes, with suitable tool support, to provide solutions and updates, quickly and with low defect rates. Our work is focused on;
  • Definition of lower level systems and software development life cycle processes, particulary for requirements, V&V, defect management, and change control
  • Advising on tool integration covering requirements, SCM, defect management, business modelling, analysis and design tools, and testing tools
  • Providing initial process based tool requirement tool configurations.
  • Advising on the traceability strategy and information model (database schema) for use in the requirements tool and its integration with business modelling, analysis and design, and test tools.

The objective of the project is to provide an environment for the client which provides the basis for CMMI Level 3 capability.  Our strategy is to advise on broader issues including roles and professional development.  The approach is used open methods and standards where practical such as ITIL and ISM.

Contact us for further details.


In addition to the above assignments Beaver Computer Consultants senior consultants have a held senior positions and work on other significant assignments including;
Clients and Industry Sectors
  • London Underground
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plants
  • National Health Service and construction projects including factories, land reclamation, housing, and general architectural and design processes.
  • Oil & Gas
Assignments have included;
  • Overall system level analysis of current position, objectives, and modelling of core business processes using SSM, SSADM, and physical and organisational partitioning
  • Safety and Risk Models.
  • Control Room process, functionality, and human factors studies.
  • Preparing ITT's and Scope of Works, structured tender assessment and contract management and audit.
In additional through Beaver Computer Consultants network of associates additional, specialist staff, can be secured for short term support, including;
  • Financial & Investment Appraisal
  • ERP and CRM application development and support
  • Network and mobile systems installation, configuration and management
  • Web and e-commerce support including web design, campaign planning and management
  • Marketing, promotion and branding
  • Project Office Administration