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Business Terms
We are a small company, with 2 core staff, but through our network arrangements we have access to a larger number of known partners, and can form consortiums to take on large contracts from both a resource and commercial risk perspective.
Our partners have similar values to us and have access to the same facilities as ourselves. We are all enabled for remote working, for example using groupware and email, and conferencing facilities. Small has its benefits, a personal service and with out the burden of large fixed overheads, we can offer value for money consulting and support. We may be small consultancy but we have a big capability and have worked for major clients.

The following gives you an overview of our values and how we work;

Beaver Computer Consultants are independent - free of software, hardware, and facilities out sourcing interests. Coming from outside your organisation means we don't have existing baggage, we can freely ask questions, and build up the picture of where you are and what the problem is. We focus on understanding the requirements, measuring independently the progress being made, and project managing. You can count on us to act in your best interest and co-ordinate, behind the scenes, between the various parties involved.

We are practical and straight talking. We'll get straight on to the job, often providing a "strawman" following a fast appraisal, which is an excellent way to get people talking and working together as a group. Beaver focuses on harnessing the expertise available, encouraging knowledge transfer, and documenting corporate knowledge. We believe this adds true value. Our objective is to make clients self sufficient.

We believe in having clear methods, but are flexible in their application, to get the job done. Defined processes or methods are a step towards ensure reproducibility. Many of the methods we have used have been extensively used and are shown to be contributory factors in successful project and business outcomes. New technology and markets still obey these rules. We have learned much from our early experience in analysing systems and project failures. We hope you'll benefit by using this knowledge too.

To enable us to work quickly, applying best practices and awareness of current issues Beaver Computer Consultants support the continuous learning & development of our consultants. To keep up to date with developments and market trends we subscribe to the British Library Document Supply Centre, purchase journals and marketing intelligence reports, and develop skills in house using new tool releases. This helps to ensure our consultants maintain cutting edge knowledge as well as practical awareness of the real issues.
  • We have an extensive library covering standards, legislation, product information, key reference works, manuals and materials which cover specific business sectors.
  • All staff, consultants or support staff, are encouraged to attend industry seminars, trade shows, and conferences and participate in a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) scheme.

We learn from previous assignments and the methods used and unless prohibited by contract we'll look for patterns and refine our internal plans and models. Where practical we'll reuse elements from our generic and constantly refined products on each assignment, so products may be based on previous solutions which benefits you as we do not charge every client for doing the same job and starting with a clean sheet every time, so some material can be available faster and you'll benefit because it will have been used and refined to various extents elsewhere. Our approach is practical - our methods include many that are in the public domain. Again this helps your long term ownership as you'll find potential staff and consultancies familiar with the methods, and you can training your own staff in using them using easily available books and training courses, so reusing and refining the work yourself in future should be possible.